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Here at York raceway we have established ourselves as the best place for Run What You've Brung, here are 6 reasons why.

1. Unique pitting
Our unique pits that allow RWYB a separate access to the track meaning that cars can easily have as many runs down the track as competition cars.

2. Friendly atmosphere
We are a very warm, welcoming and friendly track with marshals that will help at every opportunity whether its your first time or you want to get the best out of your vehicle there are always people to help

3. Two different surfaces to launch the vehicle
We also have a very unique Drag Strip as we have 4 start lines (two each lane) we have a polished rubber surface that is treated with glue this lane is for vehicles that run slicks or drag radials and producing large horse power. And we have shell grip which is a very coarse grain often found on main roads on some round-a- bouts and traffic lights, this provides over 20% more grip than a normal road surface this is ideal for treaded vehicles and many high powered 4x4 cars prefer it to the treated concrete because it provides excellent grip whilst allowing the tyres to give slightly and help spooling up the turbo ensuring there in maximum boost all the way down the track and preventing the car from bogging down, in turn getting the best out of the vehicle.

4. Continuing when weather is bad
One other advantage to the shell grip is during damp or wet conditions we can continue to run cars down the track with only slight change in times.

5. 0-60 timing
We are also the only dragstrip in the UK that has 0-60 mph timing which is on a few events look out for the star icon *. The 60mph times are printed on the timing ticket in place of the 60ft.

6. Ultimate RWYB series
We at York Raceway have developed over the years a class system for RWYB that put cars up against cars of similar power to avoid a 1.6 getting paired up to 2.2ltr turbo. It also gives a taste of competition with trophies handed out to the fastest in class.

  Track time

If you want plenty of track time, turn up early and start early -the track is opens from 10am. York has world-class TSI timing equipment that gives you a printout of your reaction time, 60 ft, 1/8-mile and ¼-mile times and speeds to 1/100mph and 1/1000second.

Getting started

For Run What You've Brung Events, you require your car scrutineering (a 'health and safety check'), sign on at the Tower and you're ready to go.

Bring your car, your driving license and a helmet (some available for loan at the track) and you're in the Ultimate RWYB at York Raceway. You get a TSI printout for each run, with precision details of your speeds and times and you can view and compare them later on the RESULTS link.

The Ultimate RWYB has different classes, so cars are pitched against those of similar performance :

Category Class Code
A Class: upto 1599cc NO turbo / nitrous / supercharger
B Class: upto 1699cc WITH turbo / nitrous / supercharger
C Class: from 1600cc to 1999cc NO turbo / nitrous / supercharger
D Class: 2000cc and above and Rotarys NO turbo / nitrous / supercharger
T Class: 1700cc and above and Rotarys WITH turbo / nitrous / supercharger
X Class: all 4X4
Z Class: Cars Capable of 10.5 ¼ mile or quicker. Cars must be fitted with a rally style roll cage and 4 point seatbelts
BRC Class: all cars that cost £1000 or less. Cars must be built or modified to a high safety standard.
Y Class: all Non road legal cars Including street cars with slicks.
YB Class: All bikes

N.B. KIT CARS move up a class on engine type due to their advantageous power-to-weight ratio.

Club Meets

York Raceway hosts car club meetings at these events, it makes a great venue for an annual or regional meeting and we can run a club shootout for your members. or call us on 01422 843651

Come as a club

Or if you want to come as a club
Our facilities are:-

  • Dedicated area for your group to camp and pit your vehicles.
  • Dedicated holding area prior to participants entering track.
  • Qualifying in your exclusive group.
  • Qualifying order posted after each group race - updating throughout the day.
  • Trophy for lowest ET in Club.
  • Public address publicity for Club.
  • No extra charge on standard admission charges for this service.
  • One Organiser per every 10 Club members pre entered are admitted free.

York Raceway's Run What You've Brung series

York Raceway's Run What You've Brung series

York Raceway's Run What You've Brung series

York Raceway's Run What You've Brung series

York Raceway's Run What You've Brung series

Email for more info

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PRO FWD american super stock pro et sportsman et JDM-DRC racing challenge volks stock super cup challenge

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